Mazatenango Girl’s Home


Area Overview

Area: Mazatenango Girl’s Home
Location: Mazatenango, Guatemala

Mission: To provide a loving home environment focused on serving today’s needs and equipping young women for the future.

Director: Ruth Trujillo De Carmona
Other Staff: Psychologist, Social Worker, Teacher,  6 Caretakers, 2 Cooks, 2 Security Guards, Driver and Maintenance



Hogar Esperanza Renovada

Hope Renewed’s Girl’s Home is located about 4 hours away from Guatemala City, Guatemala. This girl’s home exemplifies Hope Renewed’s dedication to orphan care and to the Guatemalan community. The home covers approximately 5 beautiful acres and it houses approximately 30 girls from ages 5–17 years old.

In 2007, it was estimated that Guatemala’s orphan population was more than 370,000.  While this number would be significant in any country, when you consider Guatemala’s small population of only 15 million people, this percentage is staggering.  This number continues to grow as international adoptions from Guatemala have ceased since 2007. This has created a situation across the country of overcrowded orphanages, poor living conditions and in many cases, abandonment.

Hope Renewed’s Response

Providing a safe, nurturing, and God-centered environment for our girls, is our first priority. We are also devoted to instilling and modeling the importance of education, health, and positive character development as well as spiritual and mental health. We believe in our girls here at Mazatenango and the power they have to eventually change a nation.

As orphanages struggle to manage through this growing problem, Hope Renewed’s mission is to walk alongside our girls, to help equip them with basic necessities for their well-being now,` and in the future as young adults.  In the middle of a nearly hopeless orphan crisis in Guatemala, our girls are flourishing, surrounded by loving care, excelling academically and preparing for the future.

Immediate Goals:

– Strengthening the welfare of the girls, improving nutrition and addressing psychological needs

– Ensuring appropriate staffing, both in quantity and quality

Long-term Goals:

– Establish a local transitional home for girls aging out of the Mazatenango home

– Add additional housing to increase capacity beyond 30

– Establish work and training programs to prepare older girls for future responsibilities outside of home

– Maximizing education of the girls at all levels

– Improving the general environment of the home

Coming soon.