Panadería Esperanza Renovada (Hope Renewed Bakery)

Area Overview

Area: Bakery, La Limonada

Location: Colonia Lo de Reyes, Zone 5, Guatemala City

Mission: To provide gainful employment with fair wages and benefits to the people of La Limonada; to establish a bakery to serve as a distribution center for stores in La Limonada.   

Construction Foreman and Contractor:  Adam Gutiérrez
Manager of Bakery:  William García
18-21 employees, 1 guard, 1 night watchman


About the Project

While the unemployment rate in Guatemala is low (2.8% as reported by the World Bank), underemployment is a significant problem, with 54% of the population living below the poverty line, and 13% in extreme poverty.

Hope Renewed’s Response

Hope Renewed is developing self-sufficient businesses in areas of extreme poverty. We are currently building a bakery which will serve as a distributor to small stores in La Limonada. The bakery will be managed by one of our scholars who graduated college with a degree in culinary arts. Priority for jobs will be given to adults in our scholarship program, and to others who commit to going back to school.

Immediate Goals:

– Completion of construction

– Staffing of bakery

– Startup of bakery

Long-term Goals:

– Self sufficiency, with profits reinvested into HRI

– Develop a second business on the second floor of the bakery

– Establish a call center, in La Limonada or on the rim of the ravine, perhaps for the Guatemalan Consulates in the US.

Coming soon.