Santiago Boys Home


Area Overview

Area: Boys’ Transition Home, Santiago
Location: Santiago de Atitlán, Sololá, Guatemala

Mission: to care for, educate, and train young men in the skills necessary for independent living as productive members of society; to raise up young men who love God, value family and live with integrity.


Construction Foreman and Contractor:  Adam Gutiérrez


About the Project


For young men aging out of the orphan care system, the future is often filled with uncertainty and purposelessness. With no family to return to, no way to pay for education, and few job opportunities, many older adolescent and young adult males end up on the streets and in gangs. Extortion and crime become their way of live, and many end up in jail in a short period time.

Hope Renewed’s Response

Hope Renewed’s Transition Home for Boys is an investment in future fathers, husbands and male leaders in Guatemala.  Currently under construction on the breathtaking shores of Lake Atitlán, the site will house up to 20 young men from ages 16 – 22. The home will provide a nurturing environment where the boys will receive care, counseling, and education. The program will take residents through several stages of training, each with progressively independent living and increased personal responsibility.

Our boys will be actively engaged in life skills and vocational training on site. They will work in the construction of future stages of the home. They will also work in agriculture, both in self-sufficient vegetable and fruit gardens for the home, and in coffee production and marketing.

Immediate Goals:

– Construction of Palapa Welcome Hut – COMPLETE

– Construction of a dock – COMPLETE

– Begin construction on Phase 1 building

Long-term Goals:

– Construction of all 3 phases of housing

– Staffing that includes director(s) of the home (preferably a married couple), an RA for each phase of housing, a social worker, a cook, security guards, and grounds keeper/gardener.

Coming soon.