Scholarship Program


Area Overview

Area: Scholarship Program, La Limonada

Location: Colonia Lo de Reyes, Zone 5, Guatemala City

Mission: To equip children, adolescents and adults with knowledge and vocational skills, eventually empowering them to find gainful employment.  The hope is that education will become a value passed onto future generations.

Coordinator:  Adam Gutiérrez



About the Project

Guatemala City is home to the largest slum in Central America. It is estimated that between 75,000 – 100,000 people live in a ravine known as “La Limonada.” Most residents live in extreme poverty, with many houses having no running water or electricity. And, because of its reputation for violence and crime, good people from La Limonada are constantly discriminated against, especially when it comes to employment. Unlike the dump, other organizations do not venture into the slum to offer help.


Scholarship Program

Hope Renewed manages a 2-tiered scholarship program in La Limonada. In the first tier we provide books and school supplies for elementary aged students. In the second tier we provide scholarships for adults who are willing to go back to school to complete their education, and for adolescents wishing to continue their education past 6th grade, when the government stops paying for school. By convincing adults and older adolescents of the importance of education, we believe that value will trickle down to their current and future families, and society will begin to change.

Students in the program must maintain a “B” average with no grade in any class lower than a “C.” Scholars must attend 2 meetings a week to show completion of work and grade status, as well as to request and receive supplies. There are currently 30 elementary children receiving books and supplies, and 24 adults and older adolescents receiving scholarships. Adult and adolescent scholars study at high schools, vocational schools, and universities.

Immediate Goals:

– Sponsorship for all scholarship recipients

– Adequate follow-up for those who become deficient

Long-term Goals:

– Study Center, with computer lab and tutoring for scholars

– Accredited English language program for Scholars

Coming soon.