Orphan Care

Guatemala has more than 400,000 orphans, a population that continues to grow as international adoptions stopped in 2007. This has created a situation of overcrowded orphanages, poor living conditions and uncertainty about the future.

Through our girl’s home in Mazatenango and our boy’s transition home in Santiago, Hope Renewed is dedicated to seeing our kids grow up in a loving and supportive home with confidence to live a successful life once they leave our care.

Guatemala City Dump

Nearly 3,000 people call the City Dump home.  The families that live here make their living at the dump, searching the garbage for food, recyclables and other discarded items they can sell. The reality for the kids of The Dump is poor health conditions, unsafe living conditions, limited educational opportunities and a certain hopelessness for the future.

Hope Renewed’s preschool in the middle of The City Dump with the goal of infusing hope in an otherwise hopeless situation.  We believe that we can start kids out in the right direction through education.  Hope Renewed’s preschool is for 4 – 6 year old kids, providing community families the ability to send their kids to school but still keep them close to home.  After the kids graduate from preschool, Hope Renewed works to find opportunities for primary school in the community to continue their education.


Inner-City Work

Many residents in the inner city of Guatemala live in extreme poverty, homes having no running water or electricity. Opportunities for education and employment are few.



Prison System

With recidivism rates of 95% and 65% for men and women respectively, Hope Renewed’s focus is to break the cycle of crime, establishing a new path for prisoners.  This work is based on educational initiatives and vocational training.